The Team

Ev Luna-Rose

Chief Executive


“Having worked in various schools in teaching positions, I realised that with the high academic demands and international league tables, schools were under so much strain to have high attainers. With mastery and new curriculums, schools are even more stretched to overcome barriers to learning. With this heightened pressure, children and young people are feeling more anxious about school than ever, and whichever way it is looked at, does not help attainment. We at my facts. want to help schools in supporting their students’ personal development and well-being, with the aim of not only combating exam stress but also fighting against the stigma around mental health that seems to holding our country at ransom.

We here to work on the front line with young people and children to ensure that the next generation is more open to focusing on mental health and not mental illness.”

Charlee Oldham


Charlee Oldham

“Throughout my career my focus has been to engage with young people, inspire them to further their aspirations, goals and potential. This rapport built with young people from all across the country has allowed me to gain a great insight into the main issues that are affecting everyone today.
This is why I completely stand by the amazing work that my facts. is doing, making sure that people of all ages are getting the support and know-how to grow into happier, healthier people.”

Bea Giaquinto


Bea Giaquinto

“I have always ensured that people are at the heart of everything I do. Having worked for over 20 years with many groups of vulnerable people (adults and children), including homeless and refugees, all of whom are on the margins of society. I am only too aware of how vital good mental health is to our capacity to be resilient to what life deals us. Ensuring that young people understand the importance of good mental health, talking openly about what this is and removing the stigma is what we must do to enable young people to become the people they aspire to be.

I am proud to be part of my facts. as I believe together we can achieve this.”

Alexander Chalkley

Trustee Secretary

“I’ve worked with young people across Nottinghamshire for the past two years, primarily as part of the National Citizen Service. Having experiences mental health issues before personally, what’s really struck me is the gap in support offered in the curriculum for mental health resilience and recovery. I’m delighted that my facts. has identified this gap and looks to challenge it.”

Kamila Duncan

Head of Marketing

“I was fortunate enough to have lived all over the world (to list a few… from USA to Kazakhstan to South Korea), I got the opportunity to grow up alongside people from different cultures and all walks of life. I can hands down say I’m a people person, so it’s no wonder my career took me into marketing, predominantly in the service industries…
I’m honoured to be part of my facts. and all it stands for. Having two (much) younger siblings who are in their secondary education, I think it’s about damn time we start acknowledging the importance of mental health for young people!”

Hannah Woodward

Mental Health Adviser


“Having spent many years battling my own mental health problems, I know how vital it is to seek support from a vast range of services in order to make progress along the road to recovery. The experience I have learnt along the way has made me completely passionate about the topic of mental health and is why I have chosen to become a Mental Health Nurse. Battling the stigma has been an obstacle at every turn for me, so it is with great hope that being a part of my facts. will allow me to help others break the barriers of conversation, especially for the younger generation, in order to impact society’s compassion for those that need our help the most.”