We at my facts. want to support children and young people in opening up and encourage everyone to start talking more about mental health and well-being.

my facts. stands for:

Metal health for
Young people:
Trust and

Coming from various backgrounds, our staff and trustees all believe that a focus on mental health and well-being is crucial. We need to fight the stigma by ensuring that the emphasis is on mental health and not mental illness.

With the high academic demands and international league tables, schools are under so much strain to have high attainers. With mastery and new curriculums, schools are even more stretched to overcome barriers to learning. With this heightened pressure, children and young people are feeling more anxious about school than ever, and whichever way it is looked at does not help attainment. We at my facts. want to help schools and educational providers in supporting their students’ personal development and well-being, with the aim of not only combating exam stress but also fighting against the stigma around mental health that seems to hold our country at ransom.

We are a budding non-profit organisation that offers various services, including:

  • Raising mental health awareness campaigns for schools and clubs
  • Therapeutic creative sessions
  • Meditation sessions
  • PSHE classes and curriculums
  • Staff CPD for the teaching of mental health
  • Mental health assemblies
  • Signposting for schools
  • Varying lengths of sessions and workshops