“I promise you, you’re not alone and someone is there for you”

Meet Ellen! Our newest young blogger!

Ellen wrote in as one of our young bloggers:
She has been impacted by bullying like so many others.

Have a look at her take on bullies.


I’m a bit new, so you’ll have to excuse me. This is my first post and the theme is such a great one, close to all our hearts. I hope you enjoy my take on bullies.

It is very, very likely that if you are reading this, at some point in you’re life you have been bullied. Maybe, it wasn’t even intentional. Then again, maybe it was. It could have been a name you were given that made you feel like crap about your appearance or the way you spoke or the way you did things. It could be a constant, routine action by specific people in order to hurt you physically, emotionally or, more often than not, both.

Guess what guys? It’s not your fault! You’ve done literally nothing wrong. You never asked for it, you didn’t do anything to deserve this and it’s time it stopped for good. Most bullies are insecure and want nothing more than to belittle you to make themselves feel good. I know it can seem like the whole world is against you when you’re not “cool” or you don’t wear the “right” clothes or have the “right” kind of beauty. Trust me, I’ve been there and I’ve heard the laughs and seen the looks.

People don’t seem to realise that bullying is a crippling thing. A name can change the way you look at things. It was an “innocent comment” that created some of my biggest insecurities and phobias. But apparently, a poorly written apology note is good enough to make up for the hours I was crying.

Don’t accept bullying. Stop it, before it gets serious. I know you think teachers can’t help, but anyone, even an adult or friend, can at least take the weight off your shoulders. Please, please, please speak up against this issue as it is far bigger than you think. I promise you, you’re not alone and someone is there for you.