Why we didn’t post about World Mental Health Day

The 10th October 2017 saw our most recent World Mental Health Day.

This year’s focus was on mental health in the workplace, so I hope you were all paying attention, be you, employer or employee.

But this is the first time we are mentioning it and it’s the 11th October! So rightfully, you might be wondering why we didn’t make any posts for it, and you’re right to! Maybe we should have, but you know what… for us,

EVERYDAY is Mental Health Day!


We feel that as an organisation part of the mental health and well-being sector, October 10th is our time to talk about what we have achieved over the year, but we are way too new! So instead this is the start of our annual 11th October…


#MyFactsFive Goals for the Year

1. Get more young people discussing mental health!

We aim to do this through our volunteering opportunities like our Youth Board that will be up and running in the New Year;  mental health blogging, where people can share their facts in a safe environment; and so much more!


2. Get more schools talking about mental health!

How come Physical Education is taught so often, but mental health is barely spoken about half the amount in schools? It’s definitely not because schools and staff don’t care about mental health, we think it is because of the demands of the new curriculum, high attainment and international league tables. So we are developing amazing cross-curricular ways to teach mental health! Got an idea, get in touch!


3. Be partnered with a larger mental health charity!

We want to learn how we can best support you amazing people, whether it is through organising volunteering, how best to get you resources and where is best for people to turn to when we can’t help.


4. Raise £5000 through fundraising!

We want to get the community involved in My Facts, be it through tea parties, corporate events, fun runs or bag packing! Keep an eye out for our A-Z of Fundraising resources coming soon. In the meantime, have a look at our fundraisers page!


5. Have racked up 1,000 volunteering hours!

Money isn’t what makes the world go round… it’s you fantastic people wanting to make a change! So how can you get involved? Check out our website to find out about our opportunities.


These are our goals,
can you help us turn them into facts?