Drum roll please…

SPEAK UP Nottingham was a good name, but we wanted more! We’re greedy like that!

So everyone, we are pleased to introduce you to

my facts. stands for:

Metal health for
Young people:
Trust and


We at my facts. want exactly the same as SPEAK UP Nottingham did, because we haven’t changed and neither has what we care about!

We still want to get children and young people to open up and start talking about mental health and well-being.

We feel my facts. suits us a lot better, so just think of us with a new haircut!
SPEAK UP was an amazing name too and it got to the core of what we wanted to achieve straight away, but there are already amazing charities out there called Speak Up and we don’t want to confuse people!

In the meantime though, there may be a few issues with our site and a massive overlap of SPEAK UP and my facts. marketing! But we are on it!
No emails have been changed yet so don’t worry, you can still contact us the same way on enquiries@speakupnottingham.org but we also have loads more emails to fit your needs better, check them out on our contact us page!


So welcome to the shiny new us, we all need a new wardrobe sometimes, don’t we?!